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Adorable Baby Elephant Spends Time Playing With Tires.

An adorable baby elephant at Elephant Nature Park spends its time playing with tires. It does this with no encouragement or training from humans. This is sure to lift your spirits!

Russians Lost Contact With Their Spaceship – And Now, It’s Hurtling Towards Us

When you think about it, the goal of space organizations is mainly to shoot giant hunks of metal up into the air but are there procedures in place for when one of those hunks come hurtling back down to the ground?According to NASA, the Russian cargo ship Progress 59 is making progress in the wrong direction, breaking from...

An Old, Feral Dog Was Freezing In The Cold…Til This Incredible Woman Appeared

There"s a little known park in northern Manhattan called Highbridge Park. In Highbridge Park lives a well-known dog--at least, he"s well-known to the locals who live in the area. The dog goes by the name of either Ricky or Charlie, depending on who you ask. As far as anyone knows, he"s been a wild dog for his entire life,...

One Bird Stuck In A Warehouse Gives Wildlife Rescuers A Really Hard Time.

Trying to catch a bird of prey is hard enough as it is, let alone when they are all panicked due to being stuck in a very large warehouse. Simon and Sean from the Wildlife Aid Foundation spent a couple of hours chasing a Sparrowhawk around a warehouse. Having dealt with similar situations before, Simon knew what he had to...

What He’s Doing With A Small Fishing Net At This Grate Will Blow You Away

When these men came across a group of ducklings stuck inside a drain, they did everything they could to rescue them.They tried to remove the grate using iron bars, and when that failed, they tried it with a forklift. Still, the sturdy metal wouldn"t budge. After a few minutes, they decided to get creative with a couple of fishing...

After A Movie Is Filmed On Location, This Happens To What’s Left Behind

After production wraps on a major movie, chances are that the set is never fully broken down if the film was shot on location. When the set is completely abandoned, the elements begin their work, causing it to slowly be reclaimed by nature. These sets are surreal to come across, especially if you"re not expecting to find them. 1. Batman...

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