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Cat Has A Strange New Obsession With The Vacuum Sweeper.

This cat has a new obsession - and it is STRANGE. It likes to play with the vacuum sweeper and stick its tongue in the hose. I"ve never seen a cat do anything like this before. Too funny!

10 Historically Awful Diseases You Didn’t Realize Could Still KILL YOU DEAD

We live in a modern world full of advanced medical technology and disease treatment. So, you"d be forgiven for thinking that you"re more likely to be killed machines rebelling against the human race than a disease like the bubonic plague or syphilis. You might be be surprised to learn that these ancient diseases, which were on the brink of extinction...

Look Closely: What This Pug Does At The 18 Second Mark Is Hysterical

Pugs aren"t particularly known for their grace and agility, and this little guy named Oscar proves why.While enjoying a run on the trail, his bigger buddy effortlessly leaps over a log laying in their way. A few paces behind, Oscar attempts to do the same and...well, you really have to see for yourself to believe how hilariously badly he...

15 Famous Celebrity Cheating Scandals That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Cheating is wrong, whichever way you look at it. Sure, something may have happened in your relationship to make you stray but deceiving your partner rather than being honest with them is even worse. This is an entirely different situation if you’re a celebrity, however. Not only do the personal people in your life know about these discretions, but so...

Give Old Wine Corks New Life With These 25 Super Simple Crafts

If there"s one thing that you should be saving after family dinners, parties, or any kind of get-together, it"s wine corks. We tend to toss these little cylindrical goodies in the trash like they don"t even matter, but in reality, you can do a whole lot more with them than simply reseal your wine. After seeing the list of...

Hero Boyfriend is Slain… and Family Forgives Killer

Many people think they know what sacrifice and forgiveness look like... but they can"t put it into action. This man died protecting his girlfriend from a crazed attacker. And his family? They have openly forgiven the attacker. Most saints couldn"t even be this kind-hearted. Hero professor, Troy Wolff, was fatally stabbed when he was protecting his girlfriend from an armed madman. They...

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