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This Seemingly Silly Act Could Be A Sign Of Something Serious In Your Pet

Sometimes it"s hard to tell when our pets are distressed or sick. After all, they can"t call us up to say they"re sick or come over and offer up that they feel nauseous. While it might look like these pets are just being silly, possibly feeling ashamed of peeing on the rug again or for embarrassingly falling off the...

This Woman’s Homemade Yogurt Has A Very Special, But Disgusting, Ingredient

As you might know, yogurt (specifically Greek yogurt) is part of a new health craze that"s sweeping the nation with no signs of slowing down. It"s healthy and full of protein, so what"s not to love? The downside is that yogurt can be expensive, which has led to some people making their own yogurt at home.Homemade yogurt isn"t too...

Chester The Pug Has A Funny (Yet Brilliant) Way Of Relieving Himself.

Chester the Pug has a funny way of relieving himself by lifting one leg, but walking away with both back legs in the air. But it"s smart because he can"t accidentally step in it! Have you ever seen a dog do this?

This Is What Popping A Ridiculous Blackhead Looks Like Warning: It’s Pretty Gross

We've all had to deal with blackheads at some point. They are pesky and unsightly. Not only do they look terrible, but they're also pretty much impossible to get rid of unless you use some kind of advanced extraction method.Well, when you see how doctors had to get rid of this blackhead, you'll be pretty grossed out. This footage...

A Hidden Camera Caught A Walmart Employee Doing Something That Shocked Him

We"ve all been on the receiving end of bad customer service at some point an experience that often drives us to leave bad reviews on a business"s Yelp or Facebook page. But what about good customer service, when an employee truly goes above and beyond the call of duty? Those are the cases that YouTuber Jack Vale wanted...

An Abused, Lonely Girl Just Posted Something Online. What It Said Destroyed Me.

Jackie Turner, a 26 year-old girl, requested something for Christmas that took us by surprise... and absolutely wrecked us. She is no longer a minor and is even a Presidential Scholar at William Jessup University, but all she wants for Christmas is a family. She posted an ad on Craigslist, looking for a family to temporarily adopt her. This...

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