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She ‘Played Dead’ In The Cold For Hours To Save This Starving, Fearful Stray

Losing a beloved animal is every pet owner"s worst nightmare. This is why people keep their cats indoors behind gates, dogs on leashes, and birds in cages. If they ran away, how would they survive on their own in the wilderness?Luckily, lovely people exist to find these lost creatures and bring them back to their humans. These people are...

These Are The Craziest Superstitions In Sports. I Can’t Believe They Do That!

Even if they don"t want to admit it, most people have superstitions. "Step on a crack, break your momma"s back" has forced people to avoid cracks for the rest of their lives for fear of their mother breaking her back. It seems outrageous, but do you step on cracks if you can avoid it? When you have a career as...

Walking Dogs In Public Has Been Perfected.

Have you ever seen such an obedient group of dogs? This guy takes a stroll through town with the dogs following closely behind with no leashes. They know exactly what they are supposed to be doing, he barely has to say a word! Walking dogs has been perfected.

This Abandoned Mining Town Is Perfectly Preserved, And It’s Creepy As Hell

Kitsault is a town in British Columbia, Canada, that was completely abandoned many years ago. It was originally a mining town built in 1979 by the Phelps Dodge mining company. Unfortunately, the mine dried up over a year after the town was built. Workers and their families were told to leave, often by force. Phelps Dodge ended up repurchasing all...

By Cutting A Carrot And Adding Salt, You Can Do WHAT? This Is Ridiculous.

Talented chefs can make some pretty gorgeous creations. From epic food platings to artistic desserts, those who take cooking seriously believe presentation is just as important as taste. While most of us have devoured a visually appealing meal without a thought to how long it took to make, you"re going to want to see every last detail of this...

These People Skipped The Usual Platitudes For Some Stranger Last Words

The inscription on a tombstone, called an epitaph, is often a person"s last expression to the rest of the world. So what do you choose as your final impression, as well as your only impression to unknown cemetery walkers in the future? These people didn"t seem to have much trouble making up their minds for themselves or for their...

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