He Just Wanted To Go Fishing, But His Hilariously Chatty Dog Had Other Ideas


For a lot of people, waking up with the rising sun to spend the day quietly contemplating the meaning of life with nothing but a fishing rod, some lures, and a rowboat is the only way to do the weekend right. But if there”s a certain chatterbox that decided to come on your fishing trip, it can really ruin the whole experience.

This Pit Bull doesn”t seem to care that she”s interrupting such a crucial ritual, and frankly, I don”t either. It”s just too silly.

Boy, does she have a whole lot to tell ya!

(source AFVApproved)

These dedicated fishermen better invest in some earplugs if they plan on taking their pooch on any more fishing trips! Honestly, I”m surprised she didn”t just jump in to try and catch some fish of her own.

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