24 Pets Who Are Totally Psyched For A Night In — Get Your Popcorn Ready!

Who needs a loud, booming bar or club when you have the cutest party animals in your own home? And when their version of a "party" means staying in and cuddling, it's hard to decline the invitation.These cats and dogs all have compelling proof that a night out isn't all it's cracked up to be when you could be...

This Started As A Marketing Stunt, But What They Caught On Film Is Stunning

Nikesh Shukla is a novelist in the U.K. with a new book, Meatspace, released this past summer. Like any budding author, Shukla was eager to promote his new novel in any way he could. That"s when Shukla and his friends came up with the idea of attaching a fried lamb chop and a GoPro camera to a hot air...

These Sweet Joeys Are Adorable, But Their Story Is A Tearjerking One

Meet Chris "Brolga" Barns and his extended family of baby kangaroos (also known as joeys). Barns runs a sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, where he cares for orphaned kangaroos. Most of these babies became orphaned when their mothers were struck and killed by cars. Barns says he finds babies on the side of the road, often still in their...

40,000 Bees Were Found Under This Woman’s Bedroom…Ouch

It seems that this year might be the year of the bee, as yet another terrifying bee incident has occurred this spring this time in New York City. It seems Queens is finally living up to its name.Over 40,000 bees were found underneath one woman"s bedroom in Flushing. The woman said she was aware that her place had...

We All Know Parrots Can Talk, But Did You Know They Can Dance?

This parrot can do more than just talk - it can dance! Watch it bust a move to its favorite song, "Gangnam Style." This is sure to make your day!

What 10 Archaeologists Found On Digs Is Disturbing, But Fascinating

You might not think of archaeology as a gruesome profession. However, humans have quite the violent past. Most archaeologists studying ancient civilizations routinely come into contact with some of the worst and most disturbing aspects of human history. Below are just a sample of things found on archeological digs. 1. Child Cremation. During an archaeological expedition into the Alaskan wilderness, researchers...

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