She Went Tanning Alone Almost Every Day. Then Cops Saw THIS In Her Home.

    In Oregon, a daycare provider is facing over 100 counts of criminal mistreatment and reckless endangerment after leaving small children alone while she took trips to the gym and tanning salons. Even worse is that this was not an isolated incident. Police began investigating 31-year-old January Neatherlin on March 14 after receiving a tip that she was leaving children unattended....

She Got A Call Saying Her Horse Was Dead. When She Went Outside, Hilarity Ensued

    Everyone, meet Pinto. Pinto is a pony. Pinto's mom is sick of his shit. Facebook / Pinto Plays Possum Why, you ask? Because every once in a while, she gets a phone call from a concerned passerby about the dead horse that's laying on her property. While anyone else would break down after getting such a call, Pinto's mom knows the...

They Were Driving In Houston When They Saw Something Insane Overhead

    Houston, we have a problem. About a bazillion birds too many have taken over your city! One or two birds is fine. Five or six on showing off their feathers and eating seeds from my feeders is even better. Hell, I'm even okay with 15 or 20 birds stopping by for a visit. But when you get into the thousands?...

Durex Jeans are coming soon and people can’t get over it

Image: DUREX INDIA Condom manufacturer Durex stirred up the Indian web this morning with a tweet announcing its entry into a new product category denim jeans. Yes, you read that right. #DurexJeans is now a thing. SEE ALSO: Durex App Promises Discreet Condom Delivery on Demand The jeans launch later this week and are being endorsed by Durex India's brand ambassador popular Bollywood...

Former shelter dog helps save 3-year-old girl left naked and alone

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4-year-old boy, thrift-store shopping with his grandma, accidentally hangs himself in a dressing room

(CNN)It's an unspeakable tragedy that happened in the most mundane of places -- a thrift store dressing room. Over the weekend 4-year-old Ryu Pena was at Again Thrift and More in Mankato, Minnesota, when he accidentally hanged himself in the store's dressing room. Police say Ryu slipped away from his grandmother, who was shopping at the store, and went into...

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